Total Karting Zero Summer 2021 Championship Round 2

Hooton Park

Round 2 of the Total Karting Zero 2021 championship comes to the Hooton Park circuit located just outside Liverpool on the North West coast of England. The temperature was very hot and sunny which is good for racing. The track has 8 turns 3 to the left and 5 to the right making a very fast lap with an average speed of 42 mph.

Group 1 Qualifying

Gray puts in a fast lap on lap two to take pole for Heat 1 on Sunday. The pole lap was 69 thousandths of a second faster than his closest competitor of Garrett who did his fastest lap on lap 3. Leach put a third fastest lap 2 laps after 2 tenths off the pole sitter. Collinson and Chapman were 4th and 5th respectively and then quickly followed were Winstanley, Hilton and Mansfield with Matthews rounding off the grid.

Group 2 Qualifying

Wes steals pole with a late fast lap time after a full course yellow for a crash early on so it was a one lap shootout. 2 hundredths back was Coen with Winfield behind just in third. Sparrow got 4th with Parry in 5th. Then came Sansom, Clay and Woodrow with Johnson rounding out the grid.

Group 1 Heat 1

Leach wins with a storming drive through the field from 3rd on the grid to win by 11.8 and seconds over originally Gray but he got a 3-place penalty for contact with a back marker dropping him to fifth and elevating Garrett to 2nd with Chapman up to 3rd. Collinson was 4th with Gray in 5th.  Winstanley was 6th and Hilton was 7th. Matthews was 8th and Mansfield round out the race.

Group 2 Heat 1

Wes wins a chaotic race by 2.3 seconds over Dixon-Coen who got the fastest lap and Winfield only a tenth behind Dixon and 7 seconds in front of Sparrow in 4th Parry and Sansom came next with Clay right on their tail. Woodrow was 8th with Johnson in ninth.

Group 1 Heat 2

Leach makes it 2 from 2 as he wins by 18 seconds with the fastest lap and an average speed 1.6 mph faster over the course of the lap and he led every lap. In second was Chapman and in third was Collinson. Originally 4th was Gray but a five-place penalty dropped him to last with Garrett taking the spot. Winstanley was 5th with Hilton 6th with Matthews and Mansfield following in front of Gray.

Group 2 Heat 2

Wes also makes it two from two with a nail-biting win by 4 tenths over Dixon-Coen who got fastest lap with Winfield 1.6 back in 3rd. Sparrow followed with Parry behind in 5th. Sansom came home in a good result of 6th with Clay a bit behind him. Woodrow was 8th with Johnson just behind in 9th.

Group 1 Final

Chapman get a surprise win after Leach dominating the heats but he got a bad launch and Chapman defended beautifully to win by 3 tenths of a second. Garrett was two tenths back in third with Collinson on his heels 3 tenths back who was being hounded by Gray with the fastest lap. A bit behind this fight came Hilton and Winstanley with Matthews and Mansfield rounding off.

Group 2 Final

Wes clears up and wins by thirteen seconds and the fastest lap over Sparrow in second. Dixon-Coen was third after dropping back with a kart issue but then it resolved and he fought back to third. Parry was fourth with Clay in fifth. Sansom was sixth and Woodrow seventh with Johnson eighth. Winfield was ninth after his chain came off while fighting for the lead and lapping backmarkers.