Total Karting Zero Summer 2021 Championship Round 6


Cadet Group 1 Qualifying

Dixon-Coen takes pole by 2 tenths with a time of 1 minute point 96 over sparrow in 2nd and Leach in third. Then came Winfield, Garret and Gray with Chapman and Woodrow rounding out the grid.

Cadet Group 2 Qualifying

Collinson snatches pole by half a tenth over Wes who got a bit of traffic on his last flyer meaning he has a lap less when the track was at its best. McQueen was third with Matthews and Dixon. With Hilton and Winstanley rounding off the grid.

Cadet Group 1 Heat 1 

Leach wins a dramatic race which saw the leader Dixon-Coen misjudge the wetness of the track and spin out dropping him to 4th. Garret Just missed out in second by 0.12 of a second with Winfield another second back. Dixon-Coen was 4th with gray in 5th. Chapman was 6th and Sparrow was 7th having a nightmare with the changeable conditions catching him out with Woodrow in 8th

Cadet Group 2 Heat 1

Wes dominates the race winning by 30 seconds and averaging 3 seconds a lap faster than second placed Dixon and 1.4 seconds faster than third placed Collinson. Then came Winstanley, McQueen and Matthews with Hilton rounding off the result.

Cadet Group 1 Heat 2

Dixon-Coen bounces back from the mistake in heat 1 to win by 2 tenths of a second over Ellis Garret Who himself had Winfield right behind him. Sparrow also recovered after a catastrophic heat 1 to take 4th with Gray in 5th. Leach followed with Woodrow and Chapman rounding off the grid.

Cadet group 2 Heat 2 

Wes wins one again by 26 seconds over Collinson who started third and McQueen was the third placed driver. Dixon dropped to 4th with Matthews in 5th. Then came Hilton and Winstanley to round it off.

Cadet Group 1 Final

Dixon-Coen wins with the fastest lap In front of Garret who was 6 tenths off the win in 2nd with Leach in third. Then came Sparrow and Winfield with Gray a bit further back in 6th. Then came Chapman and Woodrow to end off the race.

Cadet Group 2 Final

Wes makes it 3 from 3 to win again in pouring wet conditions by 24 seconds averaging 4 seconds a lap quicker than second placed Collinson and 2 seconds a lap quicker than Winstanley who came home in 3rd. Dixon got a strong 4th with McQueen a few seconds back in 5th. Then came Matthews and Hilton to round off the day