Clay Pigeon Kart Racing Club, Round 1 (February 2019)

Heat 1

Maksymilian Solarski wins the first race of the year in front of Mason Perren and Andrew Douglass Perren got the fastest lap and sector 1 James Pope got fastest sector 2 and Holly Woolley got fastest sector 3. Well done to Freddie Wherlock on coming 16th out of a 23 kart field. Wes was 20th.

Alpha Timing Results:

Heat 2

Solarski wins again from mason Perren and Woolley. Perren got fastest lap and fastest sector 2 Alfie Davies got fastest sector 1 and Solarski got fastest sector 3. Well Done Martin Wright on holding off the rapid Freddie Wherlock. Wes was 16th.

Alpha Timing Results:

Heat 3

Breaking Solarski’s winning run is Perren followed by Solarski who was set to win going on to the last lap and then James Mintoft came in third. Hugh Moulton got the fastest lap and fastest sectors 2&3 but Perren got fastest sector 1. Well done to Archie Lyons for coming 15th. Wes was 14th but a dropped nose gave him a 5 second penalty so he was demoted to 18th

Alpha Timing Results:


Solarski wins again in front of Hugh Moulton and Bobbie Rosier. Bobbie Rosier got fastest lap and fastest sector 2 fastest sectors 1 went to Hugh Moulton and sector 3 went to Matthew Lambert. Well done to Martin Wright on getting best novice 16th. Wes was 15th.

Alpha Timing Results:

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