Mansell Kart Racing Club, Round 1 (February 2019)

Heat 1

Matthew Lambert was dominate from 9th to 1st in the first four laps, he won the heat by 1.9 seconds. Well done to Mason Perren for another great drive from 11th to 2nd but ran out of laps to catch Matt. After an accident at the hairpin dropping Wes down to 15th he had a good recovery putting him in 11th at the checkered flag.

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Heat 2

Lambert wins again but only by 0.3 of a second. After starting 13th he made the moves overtaking seven people on the first lap but it wasn’t all smooth sailing, he pnly took the lead on the last lap. Perran was second and Billy Edgecombe third who was set to win as he started the last lap but it wasn’t to be.

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Heat 3

Good result for Momentum Motorsport having five drivers in the top ten. Well done to Martin Wright coming 11th on his first race at Mansell. Matthew Lambert won again from the front row by over 2.5 seconds, Mason was second and Edgecombe third, 2 seconds behind Perran.

Ernie Overton had a strong race starting 15th and finishing 9th, Wes also did well, coming in 10th from a starting position of 14th.

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Bad luck for Matt and Wes as they both had accidents on the final lap. Well done to Mason Perran winning the race in front of Hugh Moulton and Billy Edgecombe

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